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Vitamin A
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Vitamin B6
Vitamin B9 (Folate)
Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin)
Liver (Pate)
The liver of any animal is packed with vitamins and minerals, and is best prepared steamed or fried with onions and herbs. Turkey liver provides the most vitamin A with 75333IU (1507% DV) per 100 gram serving, or 62526IU (1250% DV) per liver.The liver of most any animal will provide 1000%+ DV of vitamin A. A single tablespoon of pate will provide 429 IU (9% DV) of vitamin A, and a teaspoon of Cod liver oil will provide 500IU (10% DV).
Paprika, Red Pepper, Cayenne, Chili Powder
A tablespoon of paprika contains 3691IU (74% DV) for vitamin A, or 52735 IU (1055% DV) for a 100 gram serving. Other red pepper powders have similar amounts with Cayenne powder providing 41610 IU (832% DV) per 100g or 2081IU (42% DV) in a single tablespoon.
Red and Green Hot Chili Peppers
An excellent way to spice up soups, curries, and sauces, green chillies provide the most vitamin C than any other food with 242.5mg (404% DV) per 100 gram serving, 181.88mg (303% DV) in a half cup chopped, and 109.13mg (182% DV) in a single green chili pepper. Red chillies provide 144mg (240% DV) of vitamin C per 100g serving, 108mg (180% DV) per half cup chopped, and 65mg (108% DV) per pepper.
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