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Yoga for Diabetes  

DIABETES USEFUL PRACTICES: 1. Padahastasana - 10 times 2. Shavasana - 2 min 3. Pavanamuktasana - 10 times 4. Shavasana - 2 min 5. Paschimottanasana - 10 times 6. Shavasana - 2 min 7. Yogamudra -10 times FOOD HABITS Suitable: High Fiber Food with Less Fats and Carbohydrates . Best food is Fruits (except banana, mango and grapes) and Vegetables. Avoid:Sugar, Sugar cane, Nonveg food, Milk and Milk Products, Rice, Oily and Spicy Food, Refined Foods, Fast Food, Preserved Food, Tin foods.
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