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Organizing the pose : 1. Lie on the left side of the body. 2. Flex the left foot, plant the palms and press up, lifting the hips. Press the outer edge of the left foot down and stretch the outer left leg as you bring the hip down. 3. Lengthen the side of the waist out along the floor. Lift and draw the rips out and lie back down on the left side. 4. Extend the left arm out, resting the head on the upper arms. Inch the fingertips away from the foot, lengthening the left armpit. 5. Bend the elbow and rest the head in the hand. Look down at the floor. 6. Rest the right arm on the right side of the body. 7. Hold this position. If it easy for you to balance here, proceed on to the next step. 8. Bend the right leg, reach past the inside of the left thigh and grab hold of the right big toe with the first two fingers and thumb of the right hand. 9. Hold this position. If you are able to keep your balance, proceed on to the next step. 10. Exhale and stretch the right leg up towards the ceiling. If you find you are unable to extend the leg fully, hold onto the foot with a belt. 11. Hold this position for several breaths. 12. Come out of the pose by reversing the sequence until you are resting on the left side with the right hand on the thigh. 13. Repeat the pose on the other side, taking care to hold the pose for the same amount of time as on the first side.
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