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The Rabbit or The Crescent Moon Posture. Sasanka mean Crescent Moon. It is also believed that originally the name was Sasaka(Rabbit)Asana(Posture).In the final position of the asana the body resembles a Crescent Moon or Rabbit. Sthiti: 1. Sit erect with legs stretched, heels together, palms pressing on the floor by the side of the buttocks. 2. Slowly bend the right leg, and keep the heel tight under the buttocks. Bring the left leg under the left buttock, Keep the knees close to each other, spine erect, the head, shoulders and buttocks in a vertical line . Rest the palms on the upper part of the thighs or covering the knees. 3. Catch the right writstz with the palm behind the back Bend forward from the waist; rest the forehead on the floor in front of the knees.(Exhale) 4. Slowly raise the head and chest up.(inhale) 5. Release the hands and keep the palms on the thighs. 6. Unfold the left leg and keep it straight Unfold the right leg and keep it straight.
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