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Vajra Ardha Naukasana  

Stages: 1. Place the left leg in vajrasana and the heel outside the buttock. 2. Stretch the right leg out to the front. 3. Hold the toe of the right leg with both hands. 4. Raise the right leg keeping it straight at the knee. 5. Bring the knee close to the forehead. Benefits: 1. As per Naukasana and vajrasana. 2. Reduce abdominal fat. 3. Gives pressure to intestines, liver and pancreas, improving their function. 4. Increase strength to thigh muscles and muscles of spinal cord to make them flexible. 5. Strengthens knees and ankles. 6. Helps hernia and kidney problems. Precautions: As per Naukasana and Vajrasana.
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