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Kapalbhati Kriya  

MAKE YOURSELF READY: To perform Kapalbhati kriya or any other yoga read the following points carefully and then start with your regime. 1. Try to perform yoga in a place where there are lots of trees and plants, probably your garden so that you can get lots of fresh oxygen. 2. Dont sit inside any closed rooms. You cant get enough oxygen. 3. Sit on the floor comfortably. Do not sit on the chair. 4. keep your legs folded as shown in the figure above. else choose some comfortable position on the floor. 5. Keep your spinal cord straight. Don't bend to the friend. 6. Before you could start the yoga, just relax and bring your mind to a NO THOUGHTS state (i.e) dont think of anything. 7. Begin by chanting some mantra or just think of a pleasant place. 8. Concentration on the initial stage would be difficult. But when practiced will help you perform all your works better. 9. Perform yoga in the morning. Morning yoga is very good for health. METHOD Step 1: Place your left leg on the right thigh. step 2: place your right leg over the left leg. ( initially this position would be difficult to make. It might cause some leg pain also. But when practiced regularly will become easy.) step 3: keep your eyes closed. step 4:Exhale through nostrils forcefully and while exhaling, push your abdomen in forcefully. step 5: Dont take any efforts to inhale. make inhalation very light. step 6: continue this for about 20 times initially. Practice daily at the morning. Increase the number of times you perform gradually to 50-60 times. BENEFITS: 1. Removes all toxins from the respiratory passages. 2. Improves blood circulation and heart rate. 3. Pumps pure blood to the heart. 4. Improves digestion of food. 5. Reduces constipation. 6. Counters obesity. 7. Improves skin texture and gives glowing skin. 8. Reduces hair fall. 9. Improves overall health. POINTS TO REMEMBER: People with asthma and other respiratory problems must consult with their doctor before formulating the yoga regime. Start with small number of kriyas then increase gradually.
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