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Vajrasana Yogamudra  

This Asana differs from the earlier one only in the position of hands. However, this latter variety is more difficult than the former. Besides, it is a more advanced state and naturally more beneficial. One should first practice type 1 and then pass on to type 2. Pre Position Vajrasana Position. Procedure 1. Inhale, and exhailing set both the palms near the belly below the navel resting on the heels of the legs. Keep the right hand palm on the left hand palm. Keep the fingers quite together. 2. Exhailing bend in the waist and place the forehead on the ground. When the bending process is over, continue smooth breathing. Position The position of this Asana is the same as type 1. except the position of the hands. Here first both the palms are placed at the navel. Then, while bending forward, keep the elbows erect and stuck to the chest ribs. Releasing 1. Exhale and inhailing get straight in the waist. 2. Keep the hands on the knees and take up Vajrasana Position. Duration This Asana should be maintained for one and half minute to have the expected results. Internal Effects Owing to the placement of the palms at the navel, there is more pressure on the belly. This increased pressure makes the benefits of the earlier Asana more prominent. Precaution This Asana should be done after good practice.
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